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Orion Forrest

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This elegant plaid tie is made of soft woven cotton and is 6cm (2.4") in width, for that perfect knot and a quality feel. It’s laid back combination of a plaid pattern in green and brown hues, paired with eggshell white, makes it suitable for both leisure and business.

6 cm (2.4") at tip, 145 cm (57") long in total.

Green / Brown / Eggshell.


Woven cotton.

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This is a tie of classic design and modern styling, defining a sweet balance between leisure and business. This cotton tie was patterned, keeping in mind that most men’s ties out there are way too boring. We at Ulterior Motive opposes that by offering a better alternative in this colorfully patterned plaid tie that goes great with almost any shirt, and seeks to inspire people to be able to wear ties in more casual ways.


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