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A charcoal black tie in wool with thin white stripes. Properly formal when that's needed, but also elegant and classy with a white shirt.

The woven wool gives this tie a less shiny texture, than a silk tie would have.

6 cm (2.4") at tip, 145 cm (57") long in total.

Black with white pinstripes.

Woven wool.

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“Jeeves," I said, "those spats."
"Yes, sir?"
"You really dislike them?"
"Intensely, sir."
"You don't think time might induce you to change your views?"
"No, sir."
"All right, then. Very well. Say no more. You may burn them."
"Thank you very much, sir. I have already done so. Before breakfast this morning. A quiet grey is far more suitable, sir. Thank you, sir.”
― P.G. Wodehouse

The wise and calm Jeeves have an air of correctness that beats anything. Just like this pinstriped tie. It's correct and great looking all-in-one. The wool fabric gives it a structure and finish quite different from a classic silk tie. More matte and laid back.

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A tie for the books

This is Jeeves. Named, of course, after the PG Wodhouse character of the same name, Reginald Jeeves. Trusty valet of Bertie Wooster, he sports the classic English gentleman look in three-piece suit a...

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