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"- Garland, what do you fear most, in the world?
- The possibility that love is not enough."
Major Briggs to Windom Earle. Twin Peaks.

Tie in design inspired by the aesthetics of the military. (nb - at Ulterior Motive we're pacifists and very much opposed to armed actions. However, that won't stop us from drawing creative energy from all different kinds of sources)

6 cm (2.4") at tip, 145 cm (57") long in total.

Forrest green, pale blue with orange and brown stripes.

Woven microfiber.

More on this product - Brigades tie

The Brigades tie is a playful piece in muted colors, from the forrest green down to the steel blue tip.

Wear with a blue(ish) structured shirt as shown in pictures above, or with a flawless white dress shirt for an impressive look - guaranteed to get eyes and comments!


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