Ulterior Motive

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Have a question not answered below? Send us an email to info@umotive.com!

Q: I've just received a shipment confirmation from you and now I've changed my mind. I want to order another product instead of the one you sent me. What should I do?

A: No worries - you have 14 days full rights of return. Just let us know (preferably via email) what product you want to change to.

Q: What are the conditions when ordering from you?

A: You can read our conditions here.

Q: What about taxes and duties?

A: For international orders, customs or import duties (if any) are handled by the destination country. We do not have any control over these charges and because of the different laws in different countries, we are unable to say exactly what these costs are. Please get in touch with your local customs office for detailed advice. Unfortunately we can not mark items as gifts since we would then be committing an offence.

Q: How do I tie a tie?

A: It's actually not that complicated. Have a look over at our visual tutorial page on how to tie a tie.

Q: How are your products sent and how do I pay?

A: You can pay with credit card (VISA, MasterCard). We ship with the Swedish postal service.

Postage and handling costs are as follows:

Within Sweden
Up to 100 gms: 19 SEK
Up to 250 gms: 39 SEK
Above 250 gms: 49 SEK

International shipping fees:
Within Europe:
Up to 250 gms: 49 SEK
Up to 500 gms: 79 SEK
Over 500 gms: 139 SEK

Outside Europe:
Up to 250 gms: 69 SEK
Up to 500 gms: 99 SEK
Over 500 gms: 179 SEK

Q: Washing instructions?

A: We recommend all our ties to be handled with care and left to professional dry cleaning.

Q: VAT (Value Added Tax)?

A: If the goods you purchase from us are shipped out of the EC (European Community), VAT is excluded from the price. Therefore the USD prices are 20% lower than the SEK and EURO-prices. For orders shipped outside the EC, the customer is responsible for any tariffs, duties and/or VAT that may apply.

Q: If I buy something I'm not satisfied with, can I return it?

A: You can return any product within 14 days after you have received your package. Please inform us (order@umotive.com) before sending it back. When we receive the goods back you will be refunded the order cost. Please make sure to include your order number in all correspondence with us, both in email and in packages.

Q: Where can I find checked/plaid ties?

A: You can find plaid ties from our collection here.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Ulterior Motive is a Swedish design label, based in Stockholm.
You can find our contact details here.

Q: How long have you been around?

A: The label Ulterior Motive was founded in 2006.

Q: You used to have a tie with skulls, is that still available?

A: Two of our earliest tie designs was the white skull tie and the black skull tie. Neither of those are available today, however, an updated version of the black skull tie is available here - Skull revisited

Q: Can I find your products in a physical store?

A: You can find our retailers here. Mind though - not all stores carry our whole line, it may be an idea to contact them if you search for a specific item.

Q: Why don't you sell your products in store X?

A: We'd love to! Just let us know what store you think should carry our products and we'll get in touch with them.