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What tie will you wear this wedding season?

If most of the postal mail you get from friends and relatives these days are wedding invitation, you might be forgiven to think all the rest of world wants to do is get married.

And gone are the days of good, old church wedding – where almost all men were dressed pretty much the same. Now there is the theme wedding, the countryside wedding, the courthouse wedding – just to name a few. Of course, not to mention your crazy work schedule which means you are most likely to forget to coordinate your outfit till it dawns on you at the last moment.

But despair not. Your regular suit can be made to look special if you use the right accessories, and by accessories we mean ties.

While the groomsmen and the groom himself may choose theirs on the basis of a color theme, you are free to make your own choices.

In case you are heading to the courthouse straight from work, with no time for a quick changeover, our Gingham Garden tie is the answer. This green and blue plaid tie on white is a classic that can be worn to a strictly business meeting with the top bosses and will still manage to be elegant and stylish for a wedding photo. And if it happens to be a summer wedding, what better way to look cool than with a tie in such soothing colors.

Our Curacao Sling in a subtle combination of pink, turquoise, white, blue, purple and orange. We have found it to be a perfect tie for a countryside wedding – where the vows are solemnised in the family farm, under a clear blue sky and surrounded by nature. The laid back and relaxed look it creates is just the one needed for the ceremony.

Another upside is that this tie that can be worn over both light and dark shades of shirts, giving you more options than ever before.

One of our other favourites for the wedding season is the Harem Tie. This flamboyant red-pink tie embodies the very heart of what constitutes marriage – romance and love depicted invariably by the universal sign of love – red roses.

No matter what part of the world you come from, a red rose always means love. That is why it makes for such a perfect idea to wear it to a wedding. No matter where the venue of the wedding is, this tie is a must-have for men heading for the marriage celebrations.

In fact, to up the fashion stakes, this tie also comes with a matching handkerchief combination to round off the stylish, formal look. Whether you choose it as a stand alone or with the handkerchief, the tie is bound to stand out, and you with it.

So choose your pick and get ready to rock the wedding season with the choicest selection of ties. And who knows, you might meet that someone special at the reception party!

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