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The worlds best every day accessory

The day is finally here. Today we launch our first bow ties. And we're very proud of doing so. Our first bow tie collection contains three designs. Two gingham patterns and one in a colorful madras. ...

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What tie will you wear this wedding season?

If most of the postal mail you get from friends and relatives these days are wedding invitation, you might be forgiven to think all the rest of world wants to do is get married. And gone are the days...

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Tie or Necktie

Let’s try and clear some confusion around the naming of the neckpiece we all love. Simply put - the brits call it Tie, and the Americans Necktie. It’s not that complicated really. Itâ...

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A tie for the books

This is Jeeves. Named, of course, after the PG Wodhouse character of the same name, Reginald Jeeves. Trusty valet of Bertie Wooster, he sports the classic English gentleman look in three-piece suit a...

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Looking for a summer tie?

With summer right around the corner, it's not just abs and tan to consider. What ties are great for a summers cocktail party, or a stroll through the sun drenched urban jungle? I'd like to propose th...

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7 ties for next week

These are the ties I will wear for the coming week.. Monday - Casual Monday. Because it's monday. And it's casual. Easy choice. Tuesday - Gingham Blues It's a great tie and tuesdays always feels li...

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Things you find in an old card board box

My parents recently left me an old card board box that used to belong to my fathers uncle. It turned out this box contained a number of old ties that had belonged to him and had been both for daily us...

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Look who was wearing Ulterior Motive gears at the Swedish movie awards!

The other day the Swedish movie awards (Guldbaggegalan) took place here in Stockholm. It's with great pride we noticed that David Wiberg (of previous fame from the theatre group Varanteatern) sported ...

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How to dress for a Casual Monday

Casual Friday is a fairly well known concept, i.e. loosen up on the dress code for Fridays. Why though - does that have to be interpreted as dressing down? I believe "casual" clothes is what you feel ...

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