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Fresh and Stylish Looks for a Successful Weekend Getaway

Whatever your destination might be this weekend, we here at Ulterior Motive has a look that will put confidence in your every step. Every man knows that a slick and stylish tie accents his dress shirt better than any other piece of clothing. Add on a tie clip, and what you have is the ultimate combination of business, sex appeal, and success hanging around your neck.

Navy Dots Tie
The Navy Dots tie take the KISS principle up a notch. Designed with simple and effective polka dots—this silk like texture will make you sparkle. Turn it over, and gaze at the fine orange lining and loop detail. The Navy Dots tie is a comfortable 6 cm (2.4”) at the tip, and flows 145 cm (57”) in length.

Curacao Sling Tie
Nothing shouts confidence quite like the bright colors of the Curacao Sling tie. You’ll kick back and relax while the soft cotton design earns you plenty of attention. The mixtures of turquoise, pink, blue, white, orange, and purple will catch everyone’s attention. The color combination of Curacao Sling captures the warmth of summer, while embracing the cool breeze of fall. It flows down your chest at a leisurely 145 cm (57”) and the tip is a smooth, and colorful 6 cm (2.4”).

The Wooster Tie
Nothing quite radiates intelligence like grey pinstripes in 100% woven wool. The texture of The Wooster lets loose a city business vibe, while embracing modernity, and a high class and slick appeal. The Wooster will flow perfectly down a white or colored dress shirt. That’s the beauty of the modern Wooster—it’s versatile and adaptable. It’s an easy-going 145 cm (57”) in length, and a cool 6 cm (2.4”) at the tip.

Crimson Tie Clip
Just like your tie accents your shirts. The colorful blue and red Crimson tie clip takes the already hot ties, and lights them on fire. It’s elegant, unique, and sophisticated design will turn heads. You know you’re hot stuff, when your tie clip starts the conversation! The Crimson is a perfectly compact 50 x 5 cm (2’ x 0.2”).

The Bottom Line
Looking fresh for your weekend getaway just got easy! We know what it takes to make a man stand out. That’s what the above line up is all about—making you the toast of the party! (Oh, and don't forget the camera)

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